Candy’s Riverhouse with Hopeless Jack & The Handsome Devil

Candy’s Riverhouse with Hopeless Jack & The Handsome Devil, Friday, 12/7 $5

December 7th, Friday night at The Garage On Beck, will be one night of dead serious roots rock & roll you wont soon forget. Candy’s River House of SLC, UT with Hopeless Jack and The Handsome Devil of Portland, Oregon will absolutely tear the house down. With both bands touring constantly, this is definitely a Friday night worth writing down in your calendar. Hopeless Jack fresh from Europe, is once again on the road in the states and on the war path. Anyone with a hankerin for the way rock and blues music used to be, sex drivin, dirty as hell and completely uninhibited, you’ve just been summoned.

Candy’s River House

Those who are looking to satisfy a vintage rock sweet tooth need look no further than Salt Lake City based power trio Candy’s River House. This ’70s rock resurrection leaves little to be desired with their all out, high energy performances. The gruff, dusty throated Jordan Young peels through heavy layers of blazing guitar and mean bass lines from start to finish in a bluesy, soulful rock soup. Fitting for a massive summer festival or a sweaty dive bar, Candy’s River House is a classic melding of every hard rock band leading the way 40 years ago, with pieces of Nazareth, Skynyrd, Cream and Deep Purple coursing through its veins.

Jessica Pace-The Pulse

Hopeless Jack and The Handsome Devil

“This hard-bluesin’ duo, which has been percolating in Portland for a little over a year now, consists of Hopeless Jack Beisel singing and strumming while Smilin’ Pete Thomas hammers out the beat. The boys play some kind of high-speed, All-American, howling roots, my-dog-died-but-who-cares-if-I’ve-got-whiskey rock and roll. They bang it out with all of the frenzy of the Stooges combined with a shock-and-awe strut gleaned from the early-era bluesmen. The live performance is a key aspect of the band’s sound. While their just-released debut Shallow Hearts-Shallow Graves gives a solid indication of the guys’ down-and-dirty feel, the sexed-up chaos of their stage show is a thing not to be missed.””

— Nick Hilden, SSG Music

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