Cinco De Mayo

CHICKEN DE MAYO Saturday, May 5th $5

The Chickens, Tupelo Moan, NONOYESYES

The Chickens

The Chickens are Salt Lake City’s premiere all-instrumental groove factory. A no-frills combination of improvisational creativity and rhythmic bad-assitude, they have quickly developed into one of the most dynamic groups on the SLC music scene. The band is comprised of seven of Utah’s most prolific musicians, with musical backgrounds ranging from to Jazz and Country, to Reggae, Ska and Rock.

The Chickens were originally conceived as a strictly studio ensemble, but after a few recorded singles began to gain recognition by other local musicians, the requests for live shows started rolling in. Over the summer of 2011 the band started work on their debut album, and even before it has been officially released it has been generating quite a buzz around Salt Lake City, even receiving some airtime on local radio station KRCL.

The Chickens will be hosting a CD release party for their debut self-titled album on December 9th, 2011 at Bar Deluxe in Salt Lake City (666 So. State St.). They will be joined by another local favorite, Shaky Trade (from Ogden) and the festivities will be kicked off around 10 p.m. For fans of Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Afrobeat, this is a show that should not be missed.

Tupelo Moan

“Tupelo Moan ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.
We’re a pretty good band. We love to play live shows. You’ll hear a lot of Delta blues stuff in there, but we kind of skew to the hard rock/punk end of things. And there are a few hip hop elements as well.”


NONOYESYES is a heavy slow meltdown into chaos.  If you listen, remember to take your prescription medicine, just a suggestion for your safety.  Imagine cups of B’s and C’s swaying slowly during a rain-shower in the Sun.  Imagine listening with your eyes as you see the heavy beats make you sense the changing colors on your retinas.  Imagine letting everything go for once in your life.


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