Holy Water Buffalo, The Trappers

Holy Water Buffalo, The Trappers, Sat. 8/4 $5

Holy Water Buffalo

Since the beginning, people have enjoyed sound, the sound that you can feel, the kinda sound that soothes your soul, eases you into serenity, opens you to a new world, pushes you through it, helps you on the other side, gives you a craving for more, this is music you can feel. This is Holy Water Buffalo

The Trappers

Running down the same roads as the Band, Hank Williams, and Gram Parsons before them, the Trappers play a gritty brand of rock-n-roll that emphasizes the roll over the rock, all with a generous shot of woodsy country. But where those luminaries pointed south, the Trappers face west, like a summer zephyr (or the California Zephyr) pushing up against the setting sun. On their self-titled debut, the band draws inspiration from a wide range of sources: “Cut Loose,” a bleary saloon stomp, rests by the plaintive country of “Waterloo”; “Oh Leroy” is a full throttle blues rave up, while “Solid Ground” casts about a bit more quietly; and “Bloodshot Bill,” showcases the band at its Stonesy best. Fronted by Dan Buehner—an original member of Salt Lake City’s alt-country pioneers the Trigger Locks—the Trappers bring their goods down from the mountains. Dirt Shores, Oxford, MS.

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