Honey Pine

Friday 8/8/14 $5


“Honey Pine offers music that blend roots and rock with raw, powerful passion. The band has crafted their latest album bursting with harmonies and swimming with subtle nuance. There is truly something for everyone.

Comprised of former members of three now-defunct Salt Lake City bands, The Trigger Locks, Atomic Deluxe, and Townie, Honey Pine spent time honing its sound before choosing to record at Man vs. Music Studio in Salt Lake City. Michael Sasich (The Weekenders, Thunderfist, Bronco) recorded and engineered the album. Bad Brad Wheeler (The Legendary Porch Pounders) adds harmonica to two of the albums most rocking tracks, Factory & Never Worked Anyway.

With somethings, more than others, history repeats… In our case, more than we would have thought. Playing in bands together over the past decade, our love of the music has brought us together once again.

Joining together to play with our friends, for our friends, in a valley that can support the art like it was meant… A perfect blend of different cultures, musical styles and groups of people. The Salt Lake Valley is a breading ground for all types of music.”

This is ours.


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