Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys

Friday 1/3/2014 $5


Jane Rose and The Deadend Boys are an Alt-Country, Rockabilly, Blues band hailing from Nashville, TN. Fronted by the powerhouse vocals of Jane Roses, backed by the rhythmic styling’s of the Deadend Boys, you’ll hear them coming from a state away! The band was founded in 2010 stemming from Jane’s life long love affair with the culture and styles these genres.

Through Craigslist, Jane met up with a three stooges tribute troupe who were out of work. Spam, Fargo, and Peaches (yes those are their real names) were delighted to meet Jane and the musical result was magical. Spam took lead guitar, Fargo slaps the doghouse bass, and Peaches slams the calf-skins. Jane is the main writer and holds down the rhythm guitar. Together, they are Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys.

They tour the country extensively and are featured at many hot-rod/car shows year round. Make sure to take notice, this band is a force to be reckoned with!

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