Marinade & The Pour Horse




You Bring the Meat and We’ll Bring The Marinade

Marinade: A juicy and succulent combination of many flavors that one would use to tenderize and flavatize for consumption. Six people with many different musical flavors banded together to form Marinade, a juicy concoction of funky souls. The band met through many different social circles within the music loving community in Salt Lake City, Utah. From Blues to Reggae, Funk to Psychedelic, and a little bit of everything in between, they will have you movin’ and groovin’. With many covers to keep you singin’ along and originals that will have you thinking along, it will be easy to party on all night long!


The Pour Horse…a mashing of the minds from “The Pour” and “Deadhorse Anonymous”. With a heavy history in Salt Lake City and multiple Utah music festivals such as: Desert Rocks, Uncle Uncanny, and Powell-a-Palooza, The Pour Horse is ready to branch out into a national show.

The Pour Horse offers an audio-visual component as Salt Lake Artist, Gerry Swanson, uses the stage as his studio for musically inspired live art performances.

the pour horse was a fusion of two salt lake city bands; “dead horse minstrel / anonymous”and “the pour”. the two bands came together in 2010 and simmered down to their current band members

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