My Graveyard Jaw & Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy

My Graveyard Jaw & Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy Monday 8/27 $5

My Graveyard Jaw

Started in 2003 by front man Michael James . After years of living deep in the Oregon forest in protection of old growth tree’s, traveling the United States , and many tours with The Know Nothing Circus Side Show, Michael James found himself deep in the dirty south of New Orleans, forced to confront his past, writing about his travels, loss of friends, and heart aches . His music , and lyrics reflect the life led, and his life to come. Every song is from the heart, true to its form, from its initial moment of conception.
My Graveyard Jaw has gone through many musicians , and transformations, leading up to the quintessential makeup it consists of now.

A high- energy, acoustic brass ‘n’ grass outfit based out of Wichita, KS. The band, whose sound has been described as a stagecoach in overdrive, has brought their eclectic blend of punk, bluegrass, dixieland, and circus tunes to packed bars, basements, and festivals across the United States since 2007.

With tunes that cover just about everything from drinkin’ to dyin’ to livin’ and lyin’, CNS can fill the dance floor with their blazing bluegrass and circus tunes as quickly as they can provoke existential introspection with dark, slinky tunes reminiscent of a New Orleans funeral march. Blaring trombones melt into break-neck banjo solos, while the “junkyard” trap set and stand-up bass churn out hard-driving rhythms that carry the force of a Kansas freight train.

This unique blend of styles combined with the high energy maintained on stage, allows CNS to fit perfectly into any lineup including folk, bluegrass, punk, metal, ska, or jam. Always providing an energetic and drink ’em down atmosphere to any place they play, Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy has proven a dedication to their live shows with a solid understanding of what entertainment really means.

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