Spell Talk, Max Pain, Rising Sun

Spell Talk, Max Pain, Rising Sun Saturday, May 12th $5



Since Andrew Milne, Jared Phelps and Sammy Harper formed Spell Talk (2007) the band has quickly become one of the biggest fish in Salt Lake’s admittedly small-pond music scene. They first drew crowds with a brand of droney, blues-inflected psych rock, but their latest release, Spell talk’s September 2011 release TOUCH IT! which features the band’s new sound: rock n’ roll, raw, gritty and unadulterated.



Max Pain and the Groovies (2009-Present) is an experimental, rock and roll group from Salt Lake City. Starting with only two members in early 2009 they have now found the perfect combination to create this 5 piece energetic groovy bunch. Although a young band, they are hitting the scene hard and wants you to keep posted on upcoming groovy tunes.

David (vocals), Jake (bass), Dallin (guitar), Shane aka John Candy (guitar), and Tcoy (drums)

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