Staks O’Lee, Bad Brad Wheeler, Lil Miss G

Staks O’Lee Bad Brad Wheeler, Lil Miss G Friday, April 27 $5

mistakenly separated at birth, chad and wes would go twenty plus years before being reunited in the most unusual of circumstances. chad remained in safe hands and led a normal life being raised by their mom. wes on the other hand, lived the duration of his life being raised by wolves and living in a hollowed out oak tree in the deep south woods. while chad was being prepped to become a legendary composer in the finest music institutions europe and the far east had to offer. wes wandered the thick humid woods of the south, in a pack they roamed, gaining wisdom on the intricate musical landscape that existed. the dirtiest blues, country, folk and all around insane storytelling one could ever imagine became his daily diet. wes absorbed all he could, in hopes that he would one day inject his style of american music into all whom came to listen. stay tuned, much more to come…

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