Tater Famine

Tater Famine, Thursday 1/31, $5

Tater Famine is an Americana band from Santa Cruz, California. The band began with Matteo Brunozzi, John Dodds and Mat Warren playing instrumentals and traditional songs as a string band in 2006. In 2007 a 4 month trip around Europe inspired a lot of new material. The unique experience birthed an equally unique blend of sounds with dreams of revolution, trivial experiences, and short stories translated into music. The band returned to California with a slew of songs. Tater Famine recorded and released their debut full lenth “…An Untimely Fashion” on December 8th 2008. They hit the road for the better part of 2009 to promote their new tunes and melt a few new faces. They continue their travels, trials, triumphs and troubles on their recent 2012 release “NOW!”. The ironically titled album was recorded in May 2010 with the original 3 piece line-up, though there have been member changes since. Tater Famine is a band with John Dodds on guitar and lead vocals, Matteo Brunozzi on mandolin and vocals and Lauren Burman on the big bass. The band will continue to spread their music, thoughts and joy to all who will listen.


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