The Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank

The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Saturday 2/16 $5

 It has been seven years since brother songwriters Teague and Ian
Thomas Alexy decided to merge their musical pursuits into roots music
project Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank.  Their last album, Traveling Show, was
recorded in Brooklyn and took them on tour to some of the biggest cities
and smallest forgotten towns in the country.  Now back home in Minnesota
they have recorded Number One Contender - a record manifested through long
tours and long sets with songs about an America they’ve seen first hand.
"It was an old Iron Range church-turned-studio in Timberwolf country under
a full moon," says Teague Alexy.  "My voice felt good,  we'd been playing
well live, we had plenty of brand new songs and as soon as we walked into
that old church we surrendered to it."
    The fifteen songs on Number One Contender were recorded live to tape in
the north woods of Minnesota in a mere five days.  Teague and Ian's New
Jersey origins give them a clear understanding of the big-hearted underdog
so prevalent in Springsteen's best work.  This combined with the patience
of rural Northern Minnesota and the tempo of the open road has provided a
unique perspective. HoboNephews of Uncle Frank's emerging strength,
however, is the perseverance and know-how to develop an original American
sound as platform for two distinct American voices.

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