The Roseline & Morgan Snow

The Roseline & Morgan Snow Friday, April 13 $5


When Colin was 19 years old and freshly dropped out of college, his friend played him two albums that forever changed his life – Whiskeytown’s “Stranger’s Almanac” and Lucinda Williams’ “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”. Until this point Colin had entirely passed over “country” music as stupid and for rednecks but there was something about those records in which he really identified with and found so much beauty in. The spaciousness, the phrasing, the economy of words, the tempo and the sadness all resonated deep within Colin. Those records led him to so much more of the music that eventually would inspire The Roseline.

The new record conveys the arc of a relationship — starting with a saccharine sweet love song and ending in utter turmoil. It is by far Colin’s most personal, confessional and unashamedly sad record he’s ever made. But as the great art critic Dave Hickey once said, “Sad songs are the only songs.” Heartbreak is simply a timeless theme and Colin did it justice – tastefully.



  Acoustic Rock / Alt Country / Blues

Solo act from the local SLC superstars Triggers N’ Slips

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