Three Bad Jacks, Tuxedo Tramps

Saturday, 8/16/14 $10



With the arrival of Three Bad Jack’s new CD Pictures & Memories From Home, the band forcefully asserts themselves as true, renegade rock & roll prophets. From the propulsive, high octane opening track “I’ve Been Around” to the brooding closer “Pricks & Thorns” the album never falters, charting fresh new territory. Their hard hitting aggression, anchored by a throbbing gut bucket bottom end and topped off with bandleader Elvis Suissa’s passionate vocals, unfailingly pulls the listener in. High impact, soul deep, thoroughly original, this is uncut rock & roll expression that goes upside the head with stunning force.

Variously labeled in the media as both rockabilly and psycho-billy, with Pictures & Memories From Home the band has delivered a genuine rock & roll statement, one that not only expands on previous releases Made of Stone and Crazy in the Head but also rates as an important step forward in the artistic exploration of an increasingly bastardized art form.




As the clouds moved in and the sun hid. The Tuxedo Tramps were playing there own brand of Rock and or Roll at a hidden location in the Utah deserts. Some may ask, “what is a Tuxedo Tramp and what is the significance of their brand of Rock and Roll?” The answer is simple… We don’t know. We may never know.

The only thing that we can be sure of is that 2 Loud electric guitars scream from the stage begging for mercy. This is Krystal and Carl. Bass pumps it’s rhythmic beat right at your heart begging it to explode! This would be Jake. And the drums rata tat tat boom blicka boom houlin’ and screaming like a man possessed!!This would be Rhett.


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