Tony Holiday & The Velvetones

 Tony Holiday & The Velvetones, Friday 3/15/13 $5

ENDORSED BY SHAKER HARMONICA MICS! and WINNER OF 2012 GORILLA MUSIC BATTLE OF THE BANDS , Tony Holiday and The Velvetones are full of Blues goodness with a bit of a southern rock flare. They’re definitely impressive and yet another band that will leave people with the desire to see them over and over. The skill of each musician is incredible. The music is enticing, energetic, and it’s damn near impossible to listen to and keep a desire to stay in your seat. Hearing about how these guys are awesome, doesn’t do seeing them live much justice. It could be said that this is one of few local bands who may actually break into the big time. The band actually consisted of 5 musicians and every once in a while, a couple would be switched out or added. Don’t be discouraged by the term ‘Blues,’ even if it’s never been your cup of tea. This band could change your mind. The sound is a good blend of traditional Blues roots and southern rock jam with their own little twist. Come check them out, you’ll be glad you did. .”Holiday is highly regarded in the music community, he has been playing music curcuits but on any given night you can find him playing in bars, sitting in or watching local artists”–Salt Lake City Weekly-(2010) They love their local SLC music scene and traveling and have shared the stage with Legendary Shorty Gilbert,GUITAR SHORTY,Tinsley Ellis, CHARLIE DANIELS BAND, Eric Mcfadden,JERRY JOSEPH,Timmi Cruz,SOULIVE-ALAN EVANS The Band of Heathens, FLOATERr,, Marinade,REV PEYTONS BIG DAMN BAND Stonefed, and so many more…..

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