Ugly Valley Boys

Ugly Valley Boys, Spenser & Roe, John-Ross Boyce & His Troubles Saturday 12/15 $5

Coming out of the ugly valley of Salt Lake City, Ugly Valley Boys bring you a steady beat of American Roots music, with a unique mixture of Rockabilly, Hillbilly Blues, Punk Rock and Americana, Ugly Valley Boys are here to keep you partying all night!!  The Ugly Valley Boys have shared the stage with the likes of…. Junior Brown, Wayne “The Train” Hancock, JB Beverley & The Wayward Drifters, Joe Buck, Capt. Sean (Throwrag), Shotgun Party, The Chop Tops, Widows Bane, Hard Money Saints, The Raineiros, Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin’ Daddies, and more!!

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