Utah County Swillerz & Blue Moon Bombers

Utah County Swillerz & Blue Moon Bombers, Sat 12/22 $5

Utah County Swillerz

If you travel on Interstate 15 between the Bluffdale State Prison (homeof famous Mormon murderers Mark Hoffman and the LaffertyBrothers) and the wired little meth hamlet of Nephi, UT, you will find aconfederation of sleepy little towns that make up the torpid urbansprawl better known as Utah County. Utah County also goes by thecharming nom de plomb of ‘Happy Valley’– but it is anything but happy. With the worlds largest per capita use of both Prozac andRitalin, the County’s dark and menacing underbelly is cleverly hidden by its legions of seemingly happy citizenry painfully grinning like crazed Cheshire cats. But just scratch underneath that chipper facade, and you will find a people who are just one pill away from sucking on the end of a twelve gauge.

It is in this climate that The Utah County Swillers were formed. This is not a band made up of healthy (or hygienic) people. Sweatin’ Willy,the lead guitarist and singer of the band is a janitor at a local high school where he spends the better part of the day oogling underage girls. Derwood, the bass player, works at a brewery and has been irreversibly affected by excessive consumption of the product which he has dedicated his life to. Guitar Johnny spends time raking in a killing at the Wendover Hold em’ tables. Nika, the drummer, well– he’s special.

But despite their personal ‘issues’ the Utah county Swillers have been able to draw heavily on the history and culture of Utah to create a unique sound. With songs that deal with such diverse subjects as booze, pills, polygamy, more booze, more polygamy, and more pills, the Swillers have truly captured the twisted zeitgeist that is…Utah County. – A.V. Gorgon

Blue Moon Bombers

You know that one night you met that one-night stand? You took a toss at midnight after shutting down the bar. Then, from there after you couldn’t get rid of that damn one-nighter, they just hung on and on like some greasey-haired home wrecker. Yeah, that’s the Blue Moon Bombers! We’re happy to be your one-night-stand that keeps following you around after the show. We welcome all down to our private musical grotos for a toss!

Oh yeah, the “official” bio: After flunking out of the NASA program, Mikey became a part-time beaver hunter that led to his clandestine meeting with Nate, a renowned Cajun pelt merchant. After discovering their shared love for singing while skinning, they soon drew Jimmy in from a nearby viaduct, and the band has been struggling to stay sober and on-stage ever since.


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